Selected Emory & Henry Online Resources

Selected Emory & Henry Print Reference Resources

  • All Music Guide to Country, REF/ML/156.4/.C7/A45/2003
  • American Song: The Complete Musical Theatre Compilation, REF/ML/128/.M78/B6/1996/vols. 1-2
  • American Popular Music, REF/ML/101/.U6/A46/vols. 1-8
  • Chronology of American Musical Theater, REF/ML/1711.8/.N3/N67/2002/vols. 1-3
  • Complete Encyclopedia of Popular Music and Jazz, 1900-1950, REF/ML/102/.P66/K55/vols.1-4
  • Encyclopedia of American Music, REF/ML/100/.J28
  • Encyclopedia of American Gospel Music, REF/ML/102/.G6/E63/2005
  • Encyclopedia of Country Music: The Ultimate Guide to the Music, REF/ML/102/.C7/E54/1998
  • Encyclopedia of Folk, Country, & Western Music, REF/ML/102/.F66/S7/1984
  • Encyclopedia of Popular Music, REF/ML/102/.P66/G84/2006
  • Encyclopedia of the Musical Theatre, REF/ML/102/.M88/G3/2001/vols. 1-3
  • Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, REF/ML/100/.G16/1998/vols. 1-9
  • Great Rock Song Discography, REF/ML/156.4/.R6/S8/2000
  • Great Song Thesaurus, REF/ML/128/.S3/L4/1989
  • Guide to Library Research in Music, REF/ML/3797/.B29/2008
  • Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular Music, REF/ML/102/.P66/G84/1992/vols.1-4
  • Harvard Biographical Dictionary of Musicians, REF/ML/105/.H38/1996
  • Heritage Encyclopedia of Band Music: Composers and their Music, REF/ML/102/.B35/R4/1991/vols.1-2
  • Illustrated Encyclopedia of Black Music, REF/ML/105/.I39/1982
  • Illustrated Encyclopedia of Classical Music, REF/ML/105/.I4
  • International Dictionary of Black Composers, REF/ML/105/.I5/1992/vols. 1-2
  • National Anthems of the World, REF/M/1627/.W33/1987
  • New Grove Dictionary of American Music, REF/ML/101/.U6/N48/1986/vols.1-4
  • New Grove Dictionary of Jazz, REF/ML/102/.J3/N48/2002/ 2006/ vols. 1-3
  • New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, REF/ML/100/.N48/2001/vols.1-10
  • New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments, REF/ML/102/.I5/N48/1984/vols. 1-3
  • New Grove Dictionary of the Opera, REF/ML/102/.O6/N5/1992/vols. 1-4
  • Opening Nights on Broadway, REF/ML/1711.8/.N3/O64
  • More Opening Nights on Broadway, REF/ML/1711.8/.N3/M8/1997
  • Oxford Dictionary of the Opera, REF/ML/102/.O6/237/1992
  • Oxford History of Music, REF/ML/160/.N44/vols. 1-10
  • Oxford History of Western Music, REF/ML/160/.T18/2005/vols. 1-6
  • Penguin Encyclopedia of Popular Music, REF/ML/102/.P66/P46/1989
  • Women and Music in America Since 1900: An Encyclopedia, REF/ML/82/W625/2002/vols.1-2
  • Women Composers: Music through the Ages, REF/M/2/.W88/1996/vols. 1-8


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