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  • Biographical Dictionary of Psychology, REF/BF/109/.A1/B56/1997
  • The Child: An Encyclopedic Companion, REF/HQ/767.84/.C55/2009
  • Comprehensive Handbooks of Psychological Assessment, REF/BF/176/.C654/2004
  • Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioral Science, REF/BF/31/.E52/2001
  • DSM-IV-TR  Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, REF/RC/455.2/.C4/D536
  • DSM-IV Casebook, REF/RC/455.2/.C4/D54/1994
  • Encyclopedia of Addictive Drugs, REF/RM/316/.M555/2002
  • Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology, REF/BF/636/.E52/2004
  • Encyclopedia of Educational Psychology, REF/LB/1050.9/.E63
  • Encyclopedia of Emotion, REF/BF/531/.R445/2010/vols.1-2
  • Encyclopedia of Health and Behavior, REF/R/726 .5/.E53/2004
  • Encyclopedia of Human-Animal Relationships, REF/QL/85/.E53/2007/vols. 1-4
  • Encyclopedia of Human Behavior, REF/BF/31/.E5/1994
  • Encyclopedia of Human Emotions, REF/BF/531/.E55/1999
  • Encyclopedia of the Life Course and Human Development, REF/HM/626/.E538/2009
  • Encyclopedia of Mental Health, REF/RA/790.5/.E53/1998
  • Encyclopedia of Neuroscience, REF/RC/334/.E53/1987
  • Encyclopedia of Psychology, REF/BF/31/.E52/2000
  • Encyclopedia of Psychology and Law, REF/K/346/.E53/2008
  • Encyclopedia of Psychotherapy, REF/RC/475.7/.E55/2002
  • Encyclopedia of School Psychology, REF/LB/1027.55/.E523
  • Encyclopedia of Social Measurement, REF/H/62/.E53/2005
  • Encyclopedia of Social Psychology, REF/HM/1007/.E53/2007
  • Encyclopedia of Sociology, REF/HM/425/.E5/2000
  • Encyclopedia of Statistics in Behavioral Science, REF/BF/39/.E498/2005
  • Encyclopedia of Stress, REF/QP/82.2/.S8/.E53/2007
  • Encyclopedia of Survey Research Methods, REF/HN/29/.E53/2008/vols. 1-2
  • Freud Encyclopedia, REF/BF/173/.F6176/2002
  • Great Events from History: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Events 1848-2006, REF/HQ/73/.G74/2007
  • Human Diseases and Conditions: Supplement I: Behavioral Health, REF/RC/81/.A2/H75/2000
  • International Encyclopedia of Adolescence, REF/HQ/796/.A7258/2007
  • International Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities, REF/HQ/1090/.I58/2007
  • International Encyclopedia of Organization Studies, REF/HD/31/.I654/2008/vols.1-4
  • International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, REF/H/41/.I58/2001
  • MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences, REF/BF/311/.E55/1999
  • Psychology of Classroom Learning: An Encyclopedia, REF/LB/1060/.P89/2009
  • Popular Psychology: An Encyclopedia, REF/BF/31/.C715/2005
  • SAGE Encyclopedia of Social Science Research Methods, REF/H/62/.L456/2004


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