Selected Emory & Henry Online Resources

Selected Emory & Henry Print Reference Resources

Print religious reference resources are located in these Reference areas: BL, general religion; BM, Judaism; BP, Islam; BQ, Buddhism; BR, Christianity; BS, the Bible; BT-BV, Theology; BX, Christian denominations.


  • All Things in the Bible: An Encyclopedia of the Biblical World, REF/BS/40/.T57/2006/vols. 1-2
  • Encyclopedia of Fundamentalism, REF/BL/238/.E63/2001
  • Encyclopedia of New Religious Movements, REF/BL/98/.E53/2006
  • Encyclopedia of Politics and Religion, REF/BL/65/.P7/E53/1998
  • Encyclopedia of Religion, REF/BL/31/.E46/2005
  • Encyclopedia of Religion and Spiritual Development, REF/BV.4571.3/.E53/2006
  • Encyclopedia of Religion and War, REF/BL/86.3/.E53/2004
  • Encyclopedia of Religious Freedom, REF/BV/741/.E47/2003
  • Encyclopedia of Religious Revivals in America, REF/BV/3773/.E53/2007
  • Encyclopedia of Unbelief, REF/BL/2705/.E53/1985
  • Encyclopedia of Women and Religion in North America, REF/BL/.458/.E52/2006
  • Homosexuality and Religion: An Encyclopedia, REF/BL/65/.H64/.H63/2007
  • Introduction to New and Alternative Religion in America, REF/BL/2525/.I58/.2006/vols. 1-4
  • Masterplots II: Christian literature, REF/BR/117/.M15/2008
  • Oxford Companion to World Mythology, REF/BL312/.L44/2005
  • Tubingen Bible Atlas, REF/G/2230/.T943/2001


  • Butler’s Lives of the Saints, REF/BX/4654/.B8/1956
  • Encyclopedia of Christianity, REF/BR/95/.E8913/1999
  • Encyclopedia of Modern Christian Politics, REF/BR/115/.P7/E58/2006
  • Encyclopedia of Protestantism, REF/BX/4811.3/.C53/2004
  • Encyclopedia of World Methodism, REF/BX/8211/.E5
  • Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, REF/BS/440/.I63
  • New Catholic Encyclopedia, REF/BX/841/.N44/2003
  • New Interpreter’s Bible, REF/BS/491/.I65/1994
  • Oxford Companion to Christian Thought, REF/BR/95/.O98/2000
  • Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation, REF/BR/302.8/.O93/1996

Judaism, Islam and Eastern Religions

  • Encyclopedia of Buddhism, REF/BQ/138/.E62/2004
  • The Hindu World, REF/BL/1105/.W34
  • New Encyclopedia of Islam, REF/BP/40/.G42/2001
  • Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion, REF/BM/50/.O94/1997
  • The Qur’an: An Encyclopedia, REF/BP/133/.Q87/2006
  • Reader’s Guide to Judaism, REF/BM/50/.R43/2000
  • Rider Encyclopaedia of Eastern Philosophy and Religion, REF/BL/1005/.L4813/1989


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