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  • The Child: An Encyclopedic Companion, REF/HQ/767.84/.C55/2009
  • Class in America: An Encyclopedia, REF/HN90/.S6/C564
  • Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice, REF/HM/671/.E53
  • Encyclopedia of American Social History, REF/HN/57/.E58/1993
  • Encyclopedia of American Social Movements, REF/HN/57/.E594/2004
  • Encyclopedia of American Jewish History, REF/E/184.35/.E53
  • Encyclopedia of American Urban History, REF/HT/123/.E49/2007
  • Encyclopedia of Capital Punishment in the United States, REF/HV/8694/.P35/2001
  • Encyclopedia of Community, REF/HM/756/.E53/2003/vols. 1-2
  • Encyclopedia of Criminology, REF/HV/6017/.E5295/2005
  • Encyclopedia of Death and Dying, REF/HQ/1073/.E543/2001
  • Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol and Addictive Behavior, REF/HV/5804/.E53/2001 
  • Encyclopedia of Environment and Society, REF/HM/856/.E53/2007
  • Encyclopedia of European Social History 1350-2000, REF/HN/373/.E63
  • Encyclopedia of Forensic Science: A Compendium of Detective Fact and Fiction,REF/HV/8073/.C595/2002
  • Encyclopedia of Homelessness, REF/HV/4498/.E53/2004
  • Encyclopedia of Housing, REF/HD/7287/.E53/2012/vols. 1&2
  • Encyclopedia of Human Relationships, REF/MH/1106/.E53/2009/vols.1&2
  • Encyclopedia of Human-Animal Relationships, REF/QL/85/.E53/2007/vols. 1-4
  • Encyclopedia of Juvenile Justice, REF/HV/9104/.E58/2003
  • Encyclopedia of Juvenile Violence, REF/9104/.E59/2007
  • Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered History in America,REF/HQ/76.3/U5/E53/2004
  • Encyclopedia of Prostitution and Sex, REF/HQ/115/.E53/2006/vols. 1-2
  • Encyclopedia of Race & Racism, REF/E/184/.A1/.E584/2008
  • Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender, REF/HQ/16/.E52/2007
  • Encyclopedia of Social Psychology, REF/HM/1007/.E53/2007
  • Encyclopedia of Social Theory, REF/HM/425/.E47/2005
  • Encyclopedia of Social Welfare History, REF/HV/12/.E497/2005
  • Encyclopedia of Social Work, REF/HV/12/.E53/2008
  • Encyclopedia of Sociology, REF/HM/425/.E5/2000
  • Encyclopedia of Survey Research Methods, REF/HN/29/.E53/2008/vols. 1-2
  • Encyclopedia of Victimology and Crime Prevention, REF/HV/6250.3/.U5/E55/2010
  • Encyclopedia of World Poverty, REF/HV/12/.E54/2006
  • Encyclopedia of White Collar Crime, REF/HV/6768/65/2007
  • Great Events from History: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Events 1848-2006,REF/HQ/73/.G74/2007
  • International Encyclopedia of Adolescence, REF/HQ/796/.A7258/2007
  • International Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities, REF/HQ/1090/.I58/2007
  • International Encyclopedia of Organization Studies, REF/HD/31/.I654/2008/vols.1-4
  • International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, REF/H/41/.I58/2001
  • International Encyclopedia of Social Policy, REF/HN/183/.I58/2006
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  • New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture: Foodways, REF/F/209/.N47/2006/v.7
  • Science, Technology and Society: An Encyclopedia, REF/HM/846/.S43/2005
  • World of Sociology, REF/HM/585/.W67
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  • Youth, Education and Sexualities: An International Encyclopedia,REF/LC/192.6/.Y68/2005/vols. 1-2