First-Year Students

Students Enrolling in the Fall semester

  • Fall, previous to enrollment at Emory & Henry College

    Begin search for outside scholarship opportunities for the next academic year.

  • October – March

    File as early as possible to ensure you receive the maximum financial aid award that you’re eligible for.

    Beginning October 1, using your previous year’s tax return, you can go to to file your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the next academic year, signing electronically with your official PIN numbers (you and a parent can apply while completing your FAFSA if you do not have one from a prior year). Keep copies of both parent and student federal tax returns in case you are selected for verification. If selected, you must send your most recent W-2 or 1099 forms, the verification worksheet, and a copy of your tax return transcript to the Financial Aid Office. A tax return transcript can be retrieved from
    The E&H Title IV School Code is 003709.

    Not filing the FAFSA? Please let us know in writing (email is acceptable) as soon as possible after October 1 so we may apply any merit based awards to the upcoming academic year aid screens and finalize your record so aid will appear on your statement of account.


    Priority deadline for filing FAFSA. Complete FAFSA, verification process (if selected), and any loan application, promissory note, etc., and make payment arrangements by this date. Aid is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and certain need-based funds may be unavailable after this date. You can also enroll in the Tuition Payment Plan (TPP). More information about the TPP

  • March 31

    Early Bird Deadline to sign up for the 12-month payment plan starting May 1. Plan can be set up based on an estimate and then adjusted once billing statement is available. Other plans are available for 10 months (beginning July 1) and 8 months (starts August 1).

  • April 1


    The 12-month TPP starts on this date. Access on-going enrollment for Tuition Payment Plan (TPP).

  • April 15

    Priority deadline for completing verification process, if selected. Federal aid cannot be released until this process is completed as changes may occur in eligibility. Returning students will not receive a financial aid award until the verification process had been completed.

  • April 15

    Billing statements for the fall semester will be available online as students are pre-registered for fall semester classes.

  • April 15

    Priority deadline for processing Parent Loan for Undergraduate Student (PLUS) or private student loans. Priority deadline for student Stafford loans. If you are receiving an outside scholarship(s), you may include them in your financial planning if you have advised the financial aid staff of the amount and source of the scholarship. Although we will continue to process loans, students will have less time to make other payment arrangements should problems occur with their parent or private loans.

  • July 15

    Last date to enroll in tuition payment plan which allows the participant for eight monthly payments during the academic year (four per semester) with the first payment to be withheld as of August 1.

  • July 15

    Finalize fall payment arrangements by the 15th. If not utilizing loans or Tuition Payment Plan (TPP), payment in full for fall charges is due by this date.


  • July 31

    Deadline for Virginia residents to file Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant Application. If you have received this grant at Emory & Henry College in the prior year, you do not need to reapply.

  • August 1

     The 8-month TPP starts on this date. Enrollment for the TPP is on-going, access TPP.

  • Early December 

    Billing statements for spring semester costs are available on Self Service. If loans were not utilized for the full academic year, the spring semester loan process must be completed by December 1.

  • January 5

    Payment arrangements for the spring semester must be settled. If not using loans or Tuition Payment Plan (TPP) to pay your account, payment in full for spring is due by this date.


Students enrolling in the Spring semester

  • August 1

    Add Emory & Henry College to your FAFSA using our Title IV Code 003709 to the college release section.

  • October 1

    Upon acceptance, financial aid awards for spring will be mailed beginning at this time.

  • November 1

    If selected, the verification process must be completed.

  • November 15

    Student and parent loan process (including online Master Promissory Notes-MPN) must be completed by this time in order for amounts to show on December statements.

  • December 1

    Billing statements for spring semester costs are available on Self Service and are mailed to the student’s address on file. The Tuition Payment Plan (TTP) is available for a 4-month payment option for Spring start students. Access on-going enrollment for Tuition Payment Plan (TPP).   

  • January 5

    Payment arrangements for spring must be settled. If not using loans or Tuition Payment Plan (TTP) to pay your account, payment in full for spring is due by this date.