Greek Life


Beta Lambda Zeta

Born on the steps on Stuart, Beta Lambda Zeta social fraternity has worked to instill the values of Brotherhood, Love, Loyalty and Zeal since March 6, 1927. The Lambs, as they are known on campus, work to embody the values of Mr. Al Mitchell, who was the fraternity advisor for over 40 years. The brothers continue to strive to be community leaders in student organizations such as student government, Phi Beta Lambda and several others. The Lambs are a unique group of individuals involved in a variety of majors including Business, Economics, Civic Innovation, Musical Theater and Spanish.

C Phi C

The purpose of this organization is to be a support group for young African American males at Emory & Henry College, and to help them maintain a positive attitude in an area that they may not be familiar with. We want to demonstrate leadership, responsibility, initiative, and enthusiasm with giving back to the community. We do not discriminate against any other races, but our main objective is to support young African American men, that is the aspect we focus on when asking new members to become a part of our brotherhood.


The newest fraternity at Emory & Henry College, the Dom-I-Nechers were re-chartered on April 19th, 2006 by a unanimous vote by the Student Senate. Eric Eteuati, Nathaniel Griffith and Gairdt Edwards are the re-founding Fathers of the fraternity. Since 1920, an Emory & Henry College tradition, DIN is the oldest fraternity on campus and is named after Saint Dominic. Our colors are red, black and white. These colors signify this brotherhood. The Dominiquer rooster is our emblem. Honesty, Dignity and Integrity are the core values of the fraternity with the motto of “leadership through individuality.” A fraternity is not dependent on size. The existing spirit is a product of its members and DIN is proud of its close brotherhood. The brothers are involved with many activities, including Student Government, study abroad programs, national honor societies, Campus Christian Fellowship, national leadership programs, intramurals, Resident Advisor and different distinguished internships. Majors range from Political Science, Mass Communications, Psychology, Business Management, Education, and History. We represent diversified interest and individuals, all managing to find time to live a little and be a close brotherhood. 

Phi Gamma Phi

Phi Gamma Pi is an athletic fraternity that was founded in 1928. Throughout the years, many of our brothers have become prestigious athletes and coaches. We proudly support our athletes in their intercollegiate careers as well as their intramural competitions. In addition, we have many brothers in the various clubs and organizations throughout the community. Every year we participate in different community service projects and do out best to make our presence known.

Our brotherhood consists of knowledge, persistence, excellence, and valor. Our brothers are very proud of our traditions and beliefs that we share. Our sister sorority is Kappa Phi Alpha. As the seasons change, so do the faces but the bond and loyalty once help in 1928 is still very much alive today. 

Phi Pi Alpha

Phi Pi Alpha social fraternity was founded on February 19, 1921. The founding brothers of the fraternity are Dr. Earl R. Glindy, Willard Lee III, and John Wiley Perry. “Some of us are cool guys, others are smart; when we are together, we are Phi Pi at heart.”

Pi Delta Chi

Established in 1989, Pi Delta Chi has grown to become one of the most active social fraternities on campus. Brothers are active in Greek Council and intramural athletics and many other campus activities. Pi Delta Chi, also known as the “Ducks,” is proud to wear the fraternity’s colors of royal blue, gray, and white. We share the motto Truth, Loyalty, and Brotherhood, as represented by the scales, lion, and clenched hands on our crest.

Sigma Alpha Kappa

Sigma Alpha Kappa was founded in 1970 upon the foundation of our motto, “Unity through Diversity without Conformity.” Our colors are purple and white, and our mascot is Max from the children’s book, “Where the Wild Things Are.” We pride ourselves in the rich history of our brotherhood.

Our brotherhood is a plethora of majors, personalities, and hobbies. We like to have small numbers, but every one of us can take over the room with our personalities. Like our motto states, we pride ourselves on being diverse. It’s our diversity that makes us as special as we are. Our brothers participate in Phi Eta Sigma, The Blue Key National Honors Society, are leaders in the Outdoor Program, and hold positions on the Greek Council.

Sigma Iota

Sigma Iota was established in 1926 by 13 original brothers with military backgrounds. This fraternity was founded upon the idea of shaping young men into leaders of the classroom, field, and community. The Fraternity’s motto is “Brotherhood ‘til Death” as its members take great pride in having a unified brotherhood. 

Theta Chi Epsilon

The brothers of Theta Chi Epsilon share one of the richest histories among fraternities at Emory & Henry. Our thirteen founding members began a social group that based its principles on the strength of unity and brotherhood through diversity and serving the community. We proudly wear our colors of green, white and black and have Delta Omicron Pi as our sister sorority. We don’t ask for perfection. We only ask that you strive to be the best you can be while trying to improve everyday. We push ourselves and try to get involved as much as possible. We are active in a variety of campus organizations, such as Bonner Scholars, E&H Theatre, Outdoor Leadership Program, Religious Life and many others.


Alpha Beta Chi 

Alpha Beta Chi was founded in 1928 by a group of women in the Waterhouse dorm, making us the oldest sorority on campus. The sisters of ABX are extremely proud of our colors of red and white. We cherish the traditions of Sisterhood, Loyalty, and Friendship. The sisters participate in many extracurricular activities here on campus. Throughout the years, our members have been involved in numerous organizations on campus such as Student Government, the Whitetopper, concert choir, varsity and intramural sports, resident advisors, homecoming queens, and many other activities. Besides being involved on campus, we also hold functions each semester.

Our favorite event during the year is always ABX Airband though. Held during the spring semester, Airband invites groups or individual students to perform a dance routine, rap, or any other talent in front of an audience. It’s a great way for everyone to relax before finals start and canned food received during the event is donated to a local food shelter! At Airband, we sponsor three scholarships: the Janie Bagan Memorial Scholarship, given to a deserving English major; the Eleanor Hutton Scholarship, awarded to a worthy female majoring in Physical Education; and the Mary-Margaret Justis Scholarship, given to a female who displays outstanding leadership.

Our brother fraternity is Sigma Iota, the men in red and black. We often share joint activities with them, such as Bid Turn-In and various social functions.  We proudly wear our letters on every day possible. The sisters, current and alumni, cherish the closeness and love we have for each other. 

Delta Omicron Pi

Delta Omicron Pi was founded in 1961 by six women at the request of the Dean of Women. Our six founding members created Delta Pi with a spirit to follow the model of a national sorority. Since then, Delta Pi has built a strong tradition on Emory & Henry’s campus.

Our goals are honesty to ourselves and others; loyalty to our sisterhood, college and community; and purity by observing the highest ideals of womanhood. Delta Pis are members of Psi Chi, Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Emory & Henry’s honors program, Emory & Henry’s marching band, various athletic teams, spiritual life groups on campus including Fellowship of Christian Athletes, debate societies, the Student Government Association, orientation, residential life on campus, and various other organizations.

Delta Pis love to hang out together at Thursday night meetings, functions, or random gatherings wherever we happen to be. Sisters find it hard to go a day on campus without running into each other on the sidewalks or in the caf. We’ve often said (and heard it said) that Delta Pis are everywhere. Where there are Delta Pis, there is a good chance that Theta Chis are not far away. We are privileged to have called Theta Chi Epsilon our brother fraternity since our founding. Our groups enjoy joint functions, family dinners, and other unexpected events.

Delta Rho Delta

Delta Rho Delta was founded in 1934 by nine young women seeking to form a group representing our core principles of justice, kindness, and honor. In fact, Delta Rho is committed to upholding these values that in 1973, the sorority was turned over to the college after the sisters refused to compromise their standards in order to gain new members. In 1987, eight young women attending Emory & Henry began the process of re-founding Delta Rho Delta, and we were successfully re-founded in 1988. Represented by the colors black, white, and gold, the yellow rose, and the duck, Delta Rho Delta is also consistently represented by the diversity, involvement, and love for life found in sisters young and old. We strive to uphold our values and maintain a steady goal for the betterment of ourselves and our surrounding communities.

Kappa Phi Alpha

Kappa Phi Alpha was founded in the fall of 1930 by three women living in Weaver Hall. The three qualities in which the sisterhood was founded were Beauty, Love, Courage. We feel strongly about these attributes and are proud to still uphold these values within our sisterhood. The sisters are involved in various campus activities such as Student Government, cheerleading, volleyball, soccer, Intermont Equestrian team, department clubs, service and honor fraternities, student life, religious organizations, various campus publications, Blue and Gold Society, community service work, and uphold high academic standings. Among our extracurricular activities and academics we also maintain a close bond with our brothers of Phi Gamma Phi. We are proud of our relationship we have with our brothers, and strive to sustain this relationship.

Pi Sigma Kappa 

In 1978, four Emory & Henry women established Pi Sigma Kappa on the steps of Crowe’s Nest. These founding sisters wanted girls at Emory to have the option of joining a sorority that would never pressure them to change who they are or conform to fit a specific mold. Our sisters participate in and hold roles of leadership in a wide range of campus activities: Student Government, Bonner Scholars, Blue & Gold Society, Resident Advising, the Honors Program, the Ampersand, departmental clubs, religious organizations, and service and honor fraternities.

Sigma Upsilon Nu

Sigma Upsilon Nu was founded by seven women on March 22, 1985, making it the youngest sorority on campus. Our colors are black and white, a symbolization of conflicting forces working together. 

Although we may be small, it is obvious that each sister is unique in her own way. Because of our individuality, our participation campus is widespread. Sigma Nus participate in the E&H Dance Team, Literary Societies, Alpha Psi Omega, Psi Chi, Peer Educators, Gamma Theta Upsilon, E&H Theatre, and the International Education Program.

Zeta Phi

Zeta Phi was chartered in 1935 with the colors green and white. In 2017 Zeta Phi was re-chartered by a group of women who value Authenticity, Bravery, and Benevolence. We were re-chartered to provide a group on campus that values women from all walks of life just as they are. Sisters of Zeta Phi are academically driven and are active members of multiple groups such as: Resident Advising, Senate, The Honors Program, Bonner Scholars, Orientation Leaders, EHC-TV, Whitetopper, and The Governing Council.

  • BLZ was named Fraternity of the Year for 2017
    BLZ was named Fraternity of the Year for 2017