First-Year Housing

Elm Hall

Elm Hall provides modern, comfortable rooms in an attractive setting. You and a roommate will enjoy a spacious environment that is conducive to both studying and meeting friends. Elm Hall is located on a residential quad that gives students easy access to on-campus food establishments as well as recreational and athletic facilities.

Elm Residence HallElm Residence Hall


Wiley Jackson Hall

The largest Emory & Henry residence hall, Wiley Jackson Hall is popular for its access to parking and to the center of campus, placing it in easy walking distance to McGlothlin-Street Hall, a main academic building, as well as Kelly Library and Memorial Chapel. Wiley Jackson is known for its charming common area, which is located on the second floor and surrounded on three sides by rows of tall windows.


Wiley Jackson Residence HallWiley Jackson Residence Hall

  • Elm Hall
    Elm Hall
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