Kerygma logo“Kerygma” is an ancient Greek word meaning “proclamation.”   This group gathers with Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF) and Expedition as part of Family Dinner Night. Kerygma’s goal is to support one another in discerning God’s will for their lives.  Participants include persons discerning a call to ordained ministry as well as others who seek to honor God in their chosen professions.  Besides talking about their own successes and challenges of living as Christians, they host guest speakers, clergy and laity, who talk about how they nurture and share their faith in their daily life and work. Also, Kerygma members welcome admissions representatives from seminaries and periodically make visits to seminaries.  

If you would like specific information regarding seminary visits, please ask Associate Chaplain Sharon Wright  

When & Where: Thursdays, 5:45pm, Room 102 in the Chapel

Contact:  Lucas Biggerstaff ( or Courtney Brooks (

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    Kerygma Logo