Any member of the College community who believes that he or she has experienced prohibited discrimination or harassment in employment or in the context of academic pursuits should report the incident to the identified sources below: 

Any individual may report a complaint directly to the Title IX Coordinator, Kim Steiner (276) 944-6112 or 

 Any individual may report an act of sexual violence or assault to the Emory & Henry Police Department at (276) 944-6222 or local law enforcement by dialing 911.

 Campus Conduct Hotline: 1-866-943-5787
  • The Hotline is available around the clock.  Calls made to the Hotline are completely confidential, and callers may remain anonymous.

 A complaint should be filed within 30 days of the most recent action giving rise to the grievance.  Retaliation against anyone who makes a complaint or participates in the complaint process is prohibited.  Any member of the College community who becomes aware of potentially discriminatory or harassing conduct must report the conduct to one or more of the identified persons above. 

Additionally, all potential criminal activity, including any allegation of criminal sexual assault or violence that is brought to the attention of any member of the College, must be reported immediately to Campus Police.

When a student or employee reports that he or she is a victim of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking – regardless of where the offense occurred – the individual will be provided with his or her rights and options for additional reporting and resources.