Emory & Henry College prohibits retaliation against anyone for inquiring about suspected breaches of College policy, reporting or cooperating in the investigation of any sexual discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual violence complaint.  Retaliation is a serious violation that can subject the offender to disciplinary action independent of the merits of the discrimination or harassment allegation, up to and including discharge.  If the complainant believes that retaliation has occurred and seeks College resolution, s/he is obligated to immediately report it to one of the officials identified in Section III of this policy.

Frivolous, False, or Malicious Charges:

Students and employees will not suffer adverse consequences as a result of reporting a matter involving sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual violence in good faith.  However, the protocol shall not be used to initiate frivolous claims, false claims, or malicious charges without regard to the truth.  After the completion of remediation efforts, if the Title IX Coordinator concludes that the complainant’s allegations were false, frivolous or malicious, the Coordinator may recommend disciplinary action against the complainant, up to and including separation from the College.