Week 2: Hiking & Backpacking—June 23–29, 2019

Hiking & Backpacking Program

God gave us legs to hike up glorious mountains and lungs to inhale sweet mountain air. Hike on! Walking in the woods is one of the simplest of pleasures, but mastering camp craft involves careful study and an intentional process.

The E&H Summer Adventure Program offers participants an immersion in backcountry skills and camp craft. Skills and instruction will be placed in context as participants take a day hike to one of the area’s natural wonders — like The Great Channels of Virginia, for example — and then a multi-day backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail, located only fourteen miles from the E&H campus.

Participants will make miles, but the E&H Outdoor Program fosters a value for taking the necessary amount of time to observe flora and fauna, dip in pristine river pools, and ponder the breathtaking views that only the Appalachia Mountains of Southwestern Virginia affords.

Participants will gain foundational instruction in:

  • Leave-No-Trace backcountry ethics
  • Group dynamics
  • Shelter systems
  • Effective packing
  • Backcountry cooking and the value of eating well in the woods
  • Layering systems and a brief introduction to thermodynamics
  • Navigation
  • Risk management associated with (but not limited to): weather, insects, animals, and river crossings.