Germany, Netherlands & France — CORE 300 + CORE 240: Education & Sport in a Global Society - NEXT OFFERING: Spring 2025

This course meets in the spring semester and examines educational systems and sport throughout the world. The study abroad experience emphasizes different educational systems in Germany, the Netherlands & France, as well as sports that may be more popular outside the United States, such as soccer, rugby, and cycling. Students also study sport organizations and structure. The class learns more about the global education and sport as they travel to Germany, the Netherlands & France to visit local schools, attend lectures and sporting events, meet with professionals in education and sport management, and visit famous sporting venues.


Next Offering: Spring 2023. Cost: $3300

Professor: Dr. Rebecca Buchanan

Included: Airfare, Accommodations, Breakfasts, Entrance Fees, Excursions, Ground Transportation, Medical Insurance

Not included: Passport, Spending Money, Approximately $520 ($40/day for lunches & dinners)

Meets Core Curriculum requirements:

Global Citizenship Study Abroad

Enroll in this course:

CORE 300 : Education & Sport in a Global Society + CORE 240: Study Abroad Germany/Netherlands/France/Switzerland (1 credit hour)

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor

Application Deadline: November 1, 2022

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