Cuba - ETLA 240: Cuban Culture and Identity Documentary Film Experience

This course combines language, video production, culture and travel in Cuba. We will meet for one hour per week during the semester and spend 15 nights on the island. This course will allow students to explore the landscape, culture and people of Cuba while learning Spanish and producing a documentary film. Students will live with Cuban families and learn about their history, culture and traditions. We will spend one week in La Habana taking Spanish classes and going on excursions such as a tour of the city, salsa lessons, and visits to a rum factory and cigar caves. We will then spend the weekend in the beautiful and historical region of Viñales Valley, famous for its tobacco farms. We will also go to the center of the island, to Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Santa Clara; cities with Caribbean architecture and colonial heritage. In Santa Clara, we’ll visit Parque Vidal, Teatro La Caridad, Che Guevara Mausoleum, Tren Blindado and Club El Mejunje. Knowledge of Spanish is not necessary in order to take this class.

Next Offering: Spring 2019. Cost: $3500 (estimated). 

Contact: Dr. Mark Finney or Prof. Mary Boltwood


havana, cuba