Sweden & Netherlands - CORE 240: Sociology of Culture - NEXT OFFERING: TBA

After studying the Sociology of Culture, students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a hands-on study abroad experience in Europe. In this 10-day study abroad experience, students examine the three pillars of sustainability: social equality, environment, and economic practices in Sweden and the Netherlands.  These countries are committed to gender and economic equality while also placing emphasis on the environment in business practices.  By focusing on these societies, students will be able to compare and contrast these cultures and the ramifications of the differences to their own.

Next Offering: TBA

Estimated cost: $4100

Professor: Dr. Shelley Koch skoch@ehc.edu

Included: Airfare, Accommodations, Some Meals, Entrance Fees, Excursions, Ground Transportation, Medical Insurance

Not included: Passport, Some Meals, Spending Money

Meets Core Curriculum requirements: Global Citizenship

Enroll in this course:

CORE 240: Study Abroad in Sweden & Netherlands (1 credit hour)
Also recommended (but not required): SOCI 260: Sociology of Culture (3 credit hours)

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor

Application Deadline: TBA