Emory & Henry College recognizes the highly confidential nature of disability-related information. The Office of Disability Support Services complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regarding access to this information.

Disability-Related information released to the Office of Disability Support Services will be maintained in the Office of Disability Support Services, separate from other educational records. Information will be kept in locked storage for the duration of a student’s education at Emory & Henry and for seven (7) years following the graduation, withdrawal, or separation of the student from the college. Seven years after last contact with the student, the file and its contents will be shredded.

Disability-related information will be released to college personnel only on an as-needed basis. Whenever possible, the student will be notified before information is released. Further, the Office of Disability Support Services will make every reasonable effort to respect confidentiality and disclosure preferences of the student.

Disability-related information will never be released to personnel outside of the college without permission from the student, in the form of a signed release of information form. Exception to this policy may occur if the student has granted a parent or guardian permission to access their educational records through a FERPA release form.