ATR 616 - Clinical Education IV

ATR 616 - Clinic Education IV

Fourth in a series of five integrated clinical education courses in the MSAT curriculum. This series of courses will focus on clinical practice and/or collaborative practice (inter-professional education, civic engagement, etc.). Students will work in teams, each with a faculty member/ preceptor and/or an academic faculty member, to engage in patient interactions, apply skills, demonstrate clinical problem-solving and assume professional roles in various patient care settings (based on their level of clinical experience). Each semester, students will be expected to demonstrate skills and knowledge gained from the current and previous coursework. This course focuses on the evaluation of general medical conditions, health promotion, and integration of skills and patient care. The first 10 weeks of the semester students will attend class on campus and weekly clinical experience rounds with area physicians and at the Mel Leaman Free clinics for ~5 hours per week. The bulk of this course is completed at affiliated clinical facilities during a 4-week mini immersion (November-December) of the 2nd semester of the second year for a total of 160 hours of clinical experience (~40 hours/week). Students are expected to demonstrate content knowledge and competency with clinical skills learned in previous semesters. Prerequisites: Satisfactory completion of ATR 615, good standing in MSAT Program.  Three semester hours.

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