Summer Scholars Program at OU-HCOM-2018

The Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine will again host the Summer Scholars Program. The Summer Scholars program is a tremendous academic experience for underrepresented, or educationally or economically disadvantaged students to grow personally and be challenged professionally on the OU-HCOM campus.  The program replicates what will be experienced in the first year of medical school at OU-HCOM. Courses, taught by OU-HCOM faculty, include gross anatomy (with cadaver dissection), histology, immunology, biochemistry, integrated biomedical sciences, an introduction to case based learning (CBL), and workshops dealing with the admission process, time management and many other experiences relevant to the medical school experience.


The Summer Scholars Program is five weeks in length and includes room and board, a living allowance, travel expenses, and the potential for a guaranteed interview for the entering class at the medical school. Detailed information, eligibility requirements, and application materials can be obtained by going to the Summer Scholars web site here.


The deadline for application is March 4, 2018.