Housing, Meal Plans, Tuition for Part Time & Non-Degree Seeking Students, Academic Fees

Housing (Room) options — Annual Fall & Spring Semesters

  • Stuart, Matthews, Carriger & Village Houses: $5,300 per year
  • Weaver, Wiley Jackson, & Sullins: $5,400 per year
  • Hillman (single residence): $7,000 per year
  • Cambridge & Prillaman, and similar style new buildings in the Village: $7,000 per year
  • Elm & Hickory: $7,000 per year
  • Village Townhouse: $7,600 per year
  • Private Room additional charge: $1,300 (extra based on availability)
  All rooms include High-Speed Wireless Internet (WiFi) & LAN ethernet jack(s), laundry, basic Cable. Check each residence hall’s page for amenities and additional information.
  All Village Townhouses are fully furnished townhouses with 3 bedrooms/3 bathrooms, cable, wifi, and ethernet. Laundry facilities available in the Village Community Center that includes a fitness center and game room.

Meal Plan (Board) options — Annual Fall & Spring Semesters

  • 19 Meals per week plus $280 Flex Dollars and $280 OneCard Cash: $5,614 per year (default meal plan)
  • 14 Meals per week plus $330 Flex Dollars and $330 OneCard Cash: $5,377 per year
  • *10 Meals per week plus $200 Flex Dollars, $200 OneCard Cash & $120 small swipes: $4,872 per year
  • ** 5 Meals per week plus $230 Flex Dollars and $230 OneCard Cash, 10 Bonus Meals: $1,772 per year
  • Daily meal rates are available. 
  • Additional OneCard Cash can be purchased through the Centralized Student Assistance (CSA) Office with a check or cash payment.
*Available to Juniors and Seniors only.
** Available to Commuter Students only.
  Flex Dollars may be used at Sodexo venues (the dining hall, the Hut - WOW Café, Stinger’s Café & Simply To Go).
  OneCard Cash may be used at Macado’s, Emory & Henry’s bookstore (the Merc), and Sodexo venues. Both plans are included on one E&H debit card.

Tuition for Part–Time Students (Main Campus)

For students taking less than 12 credit hours per semester

  • Part-Time Tuition: $1,300 per credit hour(less than 12 hours per semester)
  • Student Activity Fee: $50 per year ($25 per semester / less than 12 credit hours)

Tuition for Part–Time Non-Degree seeking students

For students who are not seeking a degree, certificate, or endorsement.

  • Tuition per semester: $1,010 (Limit one course per semester)

Academic Fees

  • Course Overload fee: $1,300 per credit hour over 18 credit hours,
    (for students taking above 18.0 semester hours)
    Fractional courses are charged prorated tuition; take the designated fraction of credit and multiply by $1,250. See Registrar for form to petition to overload courses.
  • Course Audit Fee (requires approval): $130 per credit hour (limit 2 per semester)
  • Community Club Audit Fee: $60 
  • Dual Enrollment Program: TBA