Tuition for Part Time & Non-Degree Seeking Students, Academic Fees

Tuition for Part-Time Students

  • $1,350 per credit hour (less than 12 hours per semester)

Tuition for Part-Time Non-Degree seeking students

For students who are not seeking a degree, certificate, or endorsement.

  • Tuition per semester: $1,050 (Limit one course per semester)

Academic Fees

  • Course Overload Fee: $1,350 per credit hour (for students taking above 18.0 semester hours) See Registrar for the form to petition to overload courses.
  • Course Audit Fee (requires approval): $135 per credit hour
  • Community Club Audit Fee: $60 
  • Activity Fee (part-time students, per semester) $50
  • Dual Enrollment Program: $220 per credit hour (high-school students– 1 course per semester)