Megan Wilson-Bost

Class of 2016

My job as a trainer, rider and professional groom at Woodridge Farm in Boston allows me to travel to find horses for clients on the East Coast and most recently to Europe. Starting from humble beginnings, I owe the majority of my successful employment to the program and connections that I made at Emory & Henry. Riding this level of professional horses wouldn’t have been possible without the coaching of Heather and Lisa. I learned how to be a well-rounded, hardworking and knowledgeable horsewoman due to their endless dedication and professionalism. When you say you graduated from Intermont Equestrian at Emory & Henry people take notice in this industry.  There is a standard of excellence they hold to and I’m proud to continue that legacy.

  • Alum Megan Wilson-Bost, E&H 2016
    Alum Megan Wilson-Bost, E&H 2016


B.S. Equine Studies & Legal Studies