E&H OneCard Get Funds

Welcome to the new online service, Get Funds. This site allows you, your parents, guardians, or other relatives to make deposits on your E&H OneCard by using Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards. You can also check transaction histories, view account balances, report your card lost or found, and view local merchants accepting E&H OneCard.

Adding Funds

Students, Faculty, Staff can visit the online portal to add funds ($10.00 minimum).

Add Money to OneCash Card

Parents, Guardians or other Relatives/Friends can also to deposit into a student’s account ($10.00 minimum).**You will need to know the student ID #. Note: Please ensure to add a “0” first before entering the student’s ID number, for example “0123456”.

Deposit Money to OneCash Card

A convenience fee will be applied per transaction.

Where to Use

You can use these funds for printing to any of the FollowMe printers as well as any of the following vendor locations:

Main Campus

  • Mercantile & Bookstore (*Note* OneCard cannot be used for textbook purchases at this time.)
  • The Hut (located in Martin Brock)
  • The Zone (located in Martin Brock)
  • Simply to Go (located in McGlothlin Street)
  • Cafeteria (located in VanDyke)

Marion Campus

  • Mini Mercantile

Get Mobile App

Get Mobile App There is also a mobile app you can download from the Apple store or Android on Google Play.

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