Van Tran Hewitt

Class of 2005

Dr. Van Tran Hewitt graduated cum laude from Emory & Henry College in 2005.  She was a Bonner Scholar for three years. And she received the outstanding senior scholarship at graduation. She was a mathematics and chemistry major with a minor in biology.

She is now a clinical pharmacy specialist for the neonatal intensive care unit (NINU) and general pediatrics at Inova Children’s hospital in Falls Church, Virginia. 

Dr. Hewitt wasn’t sure what path she would follow after graduating from Emory & Henry. “At that time, I only was acquainted with retail pharmacists who most of us see on a day-to-day basis.  I wasn’t sure my passion would lie with clinical pharmacy.”

She credits her education at Emory & Henry for giving her the confidence to accept challenges—even when those challenges are out of her comfort zone.

“E&H taught me that the only limitation is the one you set for yourself.  You are as successful and as strong as you make yourself.  As long as you have the drive, there are people who will help you make it happen,” she said.

“In addition, I do believe in paying it forward and helping the next generation by instilling the same values and qualities that my mentors from Emory & Henry so graciously instilled in me.  I also believe in being humble and thankful for everything that you have.”

Before focusing on pharmacy, Dr. Hewitt received a master’s degree in business administration from Touro University in California in 2009. “I had to keep myself extra busy when my husband, Charles Hewitt, also a 2005 alumnus, was deployed to Iraq,” she said. Charles is now a Virginia State Trooper.

In 2011, Dr. Hewitt received her doctorate in pharmacy from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy.

She continued her education by completing her first year residency in pharmacy practice at Bon Secours Health Systems in Richmond, Virginia, in 2012 and then a second year residency in pediatrics at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. in 2013. She was a clinical pharmacist at the University of Virginia’s Children’s Hospital from 2013 to 2015.


Dr. Hewitt says her family and career are very important , but so are the friendships she made at Emory & Henry.

“The friendships that I made during my days at Emory & Henry are forever bonds, and the mentoring I received from professors I will forever be grateful for. I still keep in touch with my chemistry professor, Dr. Jim Duchamp, and we are currently working together on future research projects. I went from having a mentor to having a friend.”

  • Charles E&H '05 and Van Tran E&H '05 Hewitt
    Charles E&H '05 and Van Tran E&H '05 Hewitt

“E&H taught me that the only limitation is the one you set for yourself.  You are as successful and as strong as you make yourself.”

– Dr. Van Tran Hewitt

E&H ’05