Eric Scott

Class of 1988 Written by Brent Treash

Eric Scott is an Emmy award-winning photojournalist for WJZ-TV, channel 13, a CBS owned-and-operated station in Baltimore, Maryland.


As a photographer for the TV newsroom, Scott is prepared to shoot multiple stories each day – everything from a news conference, to a school play, to a crime scene.

“I’ve covered every kind of story you can imagine,” he said. “I cover politics, crime, riots, sports events, you name it. I’m the reporter behind the camera. I tell stories with video.”

Along with the day-to-day assignments, Scott has experienced many “wow moments” during his career. He’s met presidents, vice presidents, mayors and governors. In 1998, he covered the Olympics in Japan. A year later, he traveled to Havana, Cuba when the Baltimore Orioles played the Cuban All-Stars in an exhibition game.

He’s worked on assignment with the military reserves at Camp Pendleton in California.

“My job is similar to a classroom. I meet new people and learn new things every day. It gives me a completely different view of the world.”

From time to time, his video clips make it to the CBS Evening News and CNN broadcasts. “For example, if they’re doing a story on the weather throughout the country, I may see some of my work on the national news.”

Scott said he shot the footage for a reporter at the Baltimore news station who won an Emmy for her investigative reporting. “But, the best story I’ve ever done was watching a baby being born. It was for a new-age dad story. I see death a lot in my work, but seeing new life was something different for me.”

Scott knew he wanted a career in the media as early as high school. “As a basketball player, I was always interested in sports. I thought I wanted to be a sports anchor, but I had no idea the path God would lead me to,” he said.

“I fell in love with photojournalism as a student intern at WCYB-TV in Bristol, and I forgot all about being in front of the camera. The first time I saw my video air on a broadcast, I fell in love with it because everyone got to see how I created it. That hooked me.”

After graduating from Emory & Henry, Scott went to work as a manager of circulation for a newspaper in South Carolina. “I never quit anything in my life, but the job was not for me.”

Scott accepted a photographer position at WCYB-TV while visiting friends in the region. When he was offered a job at Virginia Beach more than a year later, he moved again. Known for his creative work, he later was offered a position at the TV station in Baltimore where he has worked for the past 22 years.

“And, the rest is history as they say.”

Scott said his college education taught him many things, including independence and decision-making. He’s never forgotten about making a D grade in a Mass Communications class taught by Dr. Teresa Keller.

 “It was the only D I made at Emory & Henry. She said I could do better and I set out to prove her right. Dr. Keller became a mentor and friend. To this very day she still is someone I communicate with regularly and consider a member of my family,” he said.

“The late Coach Bob Johnson was another influence on my development. Discipline, detail, accountability, promptness, leadership, and love of my school and country were powerful things I learned from him.”

Scott said his greatest honor at Emory & Henry was being the co-captain for the men’s basketball team. “During my senior year we finished 16th in the nation.”

  • Eric Scott, E&H Class of 1988
    Eric Scott, E&H Class of 1988

“My job is similar to a classroom. I meet new people and learn new things every day. It gives me a completely different view of the world.”

– Eric Scott

E&H ’88