9–9:45 a.m. Concurrent Sessions I

Rat Olympics
McGlothlin-Street (MS) Hall, Main Lobby
Elle Ryan, Roosevelt Joway, Savion Stone, Jamesha Pace, Abbey Neifert, Lauren Fleming, April Yopp, Gillian Hogg, Christina Ameen, Austin Tolbert, Cassandra Oliver, Taylor St Laurent, Katie Pratt, Kelsey Holt, Salena Norris, Peyton Williams, and Kaylee Widener
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English Senior Seminar – Semester Theses on Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home (Session A)
Byars Hall, Calliopean Room
Gabby Gregory, Matthew Brosche, Kirsten Hines, Jasmine Pyles

Mass Communications Department Senior Portfolio Presentations
Kelly Library
Ashley Bostian, Sara Foster, Abigail Hathorn, Bradley Hicks, Sierra Howell, Kelsey Jones, Matthew Largen, Hannah Long, Jessica Myer, Orion Rummler, Caleb Simpson, Emma Grace Thompson, Leilani Tizon, Katrina Wagner, Drew Weston, Taylor Williams, Layne Zirkle

Geography of Suicide in Africa
McGlothlin-Street (MS) Hall 147
Kala Lynnmarie Curtis

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Bonner Scholar Capstone Presentations
Byars Hall 018
Sponsored by the Appalachian Center for Civic Life
Jake Caudill, Sean Collier, Abbigale Duncan, Leah Elswick, Casey Heinlein, Walker Long, Xavier Marshall, Dakota Noble, Ryan Owens, Skyla Renner, Christian Tripp, Amber Robinson, Edgar Rivas, April Yopp, Oksana Davis

Student Poster Presentations
Kelly Library
The Effect of Authoritarianism and Emotional Intelligence on the Interpretation of Fake News Articles
Jenna Viar

The Effects of Music and Ambient Noise on a Quantitative Productivity Task
Brandon Minton

Physics 121 Semester Project: Building an EMP Resistant Radio
Madison Jackson, Dakota Morris, Eric Torres, Joshua Benson, William Reagan, Samuel Lewis

Foundation Class
Income, Gender and Entitlement: Cecil Parham and Matthew Horton
Perseverance, Resilience and Happiness: Garry Rife and Ben Ritterbusch
Empathy, Happiness and Entitlement: John Andrews and Marie Mitchell

Environmental Monitoring- Environmental Science 200 class
Lead Analysis in Soil Surrounding Historic E&H Buildings—Carriger and Matthews Halls: Tori Holmberg and Allison Singleton (9am)
Water Quality Monitoring at the Bartlett-Crowe Field Station: Mackenzie Belimam and Nicolas Kidd (9am)

ScienceFest (Session A)
McGlothlin-Street (MS) Hall 102
Impact of Precipitation and Temperature Changes on Appalachian Salamanders: A Data-Based Approach
Zane Moran

Prevalence of Antibiotic Resistance in the Enteric Gut Flora of a Community of Domesticated Livestock in Southwest Virginia
Casey Chaplin

Application of Persistence Homology to Mass Cytometry Data
Josh Hess

Ethylene Intensifies the Redness of Strawberries
Teona Myles