11–11:45 a.m. Concurrent Sessions III

English Senior Seminar – Semester Theses on Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home (Session C)
Byars Hall, Calliopean Room
Kaitlyn Rutledge, Myranda Staiano, Holley Tilson

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The Big Question: How Can We Plan for a Sustainable World?
McGlothlin-Street (MS) Hall 147
Student Essay Winners

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Civic Innovation Seniors
Byars Hall 018
Sponsored by the Appalachian Center for Civic Life
Casey Heinlein, Rachel Haines, Scott McCoy, Walker Long

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Psychology 211 Research Design Poster Session
McGlothlin-Street (MS) Hall Lobby
Evangeline Borchert, Rocelia Godoy, Jessica Grindstaff, Taylor Henderson, Caley Hodge, Jaylyn Johnson, Samantha Keyser, Kelly King, Jacob Lawson, Sharon Looney, Clarissa Martin, Emily McCraw, Abbey Neifert, Trac Nguyen, Salena Norris, Emerald Pullon, Cayla Riles, Kelsey Smith, Megan Stitzer, Zachary Taylor, Christopher Thomas, James Tunnell, Nathan West, Kaylee Widener, Caitlyn Yates

Honors Showcase (Session B)
McGlothlin-Street (MS) Hall 302

Retention and Diversity on Emory & Henry’s Campus
Ally Pollard

On A Quote By Schoenberg: A Mathematical Analysis of a Musical Idea
Sean Collier

Stigmatization of Mental Health Problems in Gender-Typical and Gender-Atypical Disorders
Skyla Renner

McGlothlin-Street (MS) Hall 102

The Effects of pH and Bacteria Growth on the Fermentative Digest of Medicago sativa (Alfalfa-Grass Hay) in Ruminant Goats
Roberta Rodemann

Comparative Studies on Moray Eels
Dakota Noble

Preparing Substrates for Cyclopropanted Fatty Acid sythnase in order to pursuit biocatalytic cyclopropanation
Xavier Marshall

The effects of sodium phosphate, potassium phosphate and calcium carbonate on the ocular lens of Danio rerio
Sydney Norwood