2:30–3:15 p.m. Concurrent Sessions V

The Truth Behind Tendinopathies
Byars Hall 018
Meg Greene & Laura Mister

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From Pirates to Putin: Challenges in US Foreign Policy
Byars Hall 121
Matthew Wingfield, Emily Price, Alexis Staubus, Rachel Smoot

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Where are the Women? A History of Women at E&H
Byars Hall, Calliopean Room 
Bailey Williams, Sam Page, Dixie Holliday, Regan Booth

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Light-inator 3000 - A robotic light-delivery system for crops
McGlothlin-Street (MS) Hall 147
Carlos Andrade, Anisha Dawadi, Noah Griffin, Madison Jackson, Benjamin Owen, Joseph Tolone

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What Do You See? A Museum Studies Exhibition 
McGlothlin Center for the Arts, Rena Lynch Wrenn, ’43, Permanent Collection Gallery 
Henry Dalby, Summer Apostol, Devin Mitchell, Liam Besneatte-Cullinane, Layne Hubble, Amaya Garza, Hannah Muller