Orion Rummler

The Trans Day of Remembrance (TDoR) is an annual event, held on November 20, that began in 1999 to recognize the murder of Rita Hester. TDoR celebrates and memorializes the people who have been murdered due to transphobic violence. Each year, a new list of names is compiled of transgender people who were killed by spouses, police officers, strangers, and family members. This list is usually read during a TDoR event, in order to highlight the ongoing violence faced by members of the transgender community. During our 2017 TDoR, I read these names during a candlelight vigil, which was followed by a moment of silence. Other Emory & Henry students also read quotes from prominent transgender figures and activists, such as Laverne Cox and Janet Mock. Josh von Castle read a quote by Kristin Beck. Patricia Gonzalez, representing the I.D. Center, helped organize the event and also gave an address during the event itself. Tracy Meek, representing the PRC, also briefly gave an address to let students know that counseling is available to LGBTQ+ students. 

1) Why was bringing  this project/event important to bring to Emory & Henry College?
When I first came to this college, there was one other (out) transgender person. She lived in a private house that the students colloquially referred to as “Tranny Tower.” While my primary goal at Emory & Henry has been to graduate and further my career, I also wanted to leave this campus better than I found it. To me, making this campus better means spreading awareness of the real violence that transphobia can cause. TDoR is an effective way to do that. 
2) What did you get out of this project/event?
I was surprised to see a crowd, so that was very rewarding.
3) What are your goals for this initiative?
I hope that TDoR continues to be held annually on this campus after I graduate. I trust that Patricia and the I.D. Center will continue to put time into this initiative. 


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Trans Day of Remembrance 2017
  • Orion speaks during the Transgender Day of Remembrance 2017.
    Orion speaks during the Transgender Day of Remembrance 2017. 


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