Achille Wangam

#Blackexcellence is meant to showcase the African american/ black students of Emory & Henry College. It is suppose to provide a certain level of comfort for incoming black students knowing that there a a few here despite the venue/ area and those few that are here, are thriving and aren’t all necessarily here just for football. 

1) Why was bringing this project/event important to bring to Emory & Henry College?

Bringing this event to Emory & Henry College was important to me because it is such a secluded area and the staff at Emory & Henry College as well as some students do their best to bring about some culture and diversity to the College as well as the community. The purpose of this being on social media was for it to go far beyond the students here at Emory.

2)What did you get out of this project/event?

I honestly made acquaintance with a plethora of students that I honestly would have perhaps never spoken to in my years here. I learned a lot about them, their hopes, their dreams and their aspirations in life.

3)What are your goals for this initiative?

My goal is that someone picks it up once I leave and add their own touch of spin to it and


“Education is improving the live of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.” - Mariah Wright Edelman

#BlackExcellence Achille Wangam Project


Double major in French & European Studies with a Spanish minor


Richmond, VA

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#BlackExcellence Story Project
  • Achille Wangam
    Achille Wangam