Destiny Cobb

The Tunnel of Oppression was an event held by Emory & Henry’s Sociology club to raise awareness about different groups of people who are oppressed. My room was specifically on police brutality that African-Americans face everyday. We showed a 90 second video on police brutality followed by a live skit performed by members of the theater program. Afterwards we discussed why the Black Lives Matter movement started and is still relevant.

1) Why was bringing this project/event important to bring to Emory & Henry College?
At a predominately white institution, where a majority of the population has never experienced police harassment or brutality and believes police brutality is not real, this topic is important to bring awareness to.
2) What did you get out of this project/event?
 I have learned that we must not shy away from this controversial topic even when discussing it in predominately white communities. By creating a live skit, we showed people this could be your friend or you.
3) What are your goals for this initiative? 
 Our hope is to change the way people perceive police brutality, and people will start holding the police and their policy makers responsible.
“We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society.”- Angela Davis


Psychology & Sociology/ History & Civic Innovation


Norfolk, VA

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Title of Event or Project

Black Lives Matter/ Tunnel of Oppression
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