Jashaad Gilmore

Class of 2018 Written by Beth Funkhouser

When asked about a transformative experience he had while at E&H Jashaad Gilmore, ATC ’18 did not hesitate to answer. “My junior year and going offsite to the high school setting.” Students are always a little apprehensive about leaving their friends and familiar surroundings to experience a different population of patients and preceptors, yet most agree that this experience is often an aha moment, as well.  The high school setting was where it all “clicked” for Jashaad. The pace, the diversity, the challenge, it all just felt right. High school was where he was first introduced to the profession and years later at a different high school, he realized this is where he could make the greatest impact. 

Jashaad is excited to begin his career at John Marshall High School in Richmond, VA through Bon Secours Health System. It will be a challenge, but Jashaad feels very prepared to face it and looks forward to putting his knowledge and skills into practice. 

Extracurricular Activities:

Athletic Training Student Organization


Strength & Conditioning Club

Blue Key

  • Jashaad Gilmore (’18)
    Colin Foley (’19)
  • Jashaad Gilmore (’18) is ready for an emergency

“My E&H AT experience has definitely prepared me for the professional world. Working with our various preceptors and the professors in the curriculum have all taught me a lot.”


BS-Athletic Training

Minor- Sports Management


Danville, VA


John Marshall High School, Richmond, VA