Nora Beltz

Assistant Professor Athletic Training

Eleanor (Nora) Beltz, PhD, ATC, CSCS, NASM-CES is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Athletic Training. Dr. Beltz’s goal is to develop compassionate medical professionals that can work effectively within the healthcare team. Prior to coming to Emory & Henry College, she was an instructor in the Professional Athletic Training Program at the University of Connecticut and has previously worked as an athletic trainer in both the collegiate and high school settings. She currently resides in Marion, VA and loves doing anything outdoors with her dog Bella.


  • PhD, Kinesiology-Exercise Science, University of Connecticut, 2018
  • Certificate in Foundations of Public Health, University of Connecticut School of Medicine, 2018
  • Certificate in College Instruction, University of Connecticut, 2016
  • Integrated Clinical Sports Medicine Residency, New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute, 2010-2011 
  • MS, Athletic Training, Plymouth State University, 2010 
  • BA, Biology, Colby College, 2005

Additional Certifications

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES), National Academy of Sports Medicine


Dr. Beltz’s research interests result from her experience as a clinically-oriented athletic trainer, focusing on identifying improved methods for the prevention of sport injury and translating best-practice preventive training programs into clinical athletic training.

Recent Publications:

Root HJ, Valovich McLeod TC, Beltz EM, Burland JP, DiStefano LJ. The Relationship between Measures of Physical Literacy and Balance in Youth Sports Participants. Athletic Training and Sports Health Care. 2018;10(6): 270-276.

DiStefano LJ, Beltz EM, Root HJ, Martinez JC, Houghton A, Taranto N, McConnell E, Pearce K, Muscat C, Boyle S, Trojian TH. Sport-Sampling Improves Neuromuscular Control in Youth Athletes. Sports Health. 2017;10(2): 160-168.

Swartz EE, Mihalik JP, Beltz NM, Day MA, Decoster LC. Facemask Removal is Safer than Helmet Removal for Emergent Airway Access in American Football. The Spine Journal. 2014; 14(6):996-1004.

  • Nora Beltz, PhD, ATC, CSCS
    Nora Beltz, PhD, ATC, CSCS

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