What if an employer asks me to come in for an interview?  I’ve never interviewed before.

First, congratulate yourself for receiving an offer to interview!  That lets you know that you have the qualities they are seeking in a student employee.  Second, prepare for the interview by reading through sample interview questions and think about how you would answer the questions.  For example, if the employer asks you, “What are your strengths,” how would you answer this question. Visit the linked Interviewing Guide for sample questions and answers.  Also, when you go for the interview, be sure to dress up a bit to show the employer you are truly interested in the position.  Dressing up for a student employment job DOES NOT MEAN a suit, but a pair of nice pants and a button-up shirt or blouse can go a long way!  DO NOT wear short shorts, pajamas, tank tops, or your athletic gear to the interview. Oh, and one more thing, be sure if you are offered the job to ask the employer what you are expected to wear to work!