Successful Completion of Background Check, Comprehensive Drug Screening Test, and Medical Clearance

  • Candidates and students are responsible for all costs related to the completion and submission of their background checks, comprehensive drug screens, and medical clearance form. 
  • A failed background check, drug screen, or medical clearance may preclude participation in the didactic and clinical phases of training.
  • Background Check & Comprehensive Drug Screen
    • Prior to matriculation, students must successfully pass a national background check and a comprehensive drug screening.
    • Students will be required to complete a national background check and comprehensive drug screen annually throughout the entirety of the program.
    • All background checks and drug screens must be completed through the Program’s vendor, CastleBranch.
  • Medical Clearance to Participate in Program
    • Candidates invited to join the MPAS program must have the Medical Clearance form completed prior to matriculation. The official form will be accessible by applicants once they are informed of their admission decision.