Robbie Goins

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Robbie is a member of the Honors cohort of 2022 who is majoring in Music. In the future, Robbie sees himself performing for a big audience in either an ensemble of sorts or possibly solo. Robbie is involved in many groups on campus, such as marching band, in which he plays baritone saxophone, along with a saxophone ensemble, singing in the chamber and concert choirs, and singing in a student-led a capella group. Robbie is also a member of the Emory & Henry Outdoor Program.


Q: What is the Honors Program to you?

A: The Honors Program isn’t really just a group or program to me– it’s more of a family.

Q: How would you describe the character of the Honors Program?

A: I would describe the Honors Program as inviting, even though you have to be selected for the program. It has a nice feeling surrounding it.

Q: What advice would you give to First Year Honors Scholars?

A: Don’t be nervous to meet the other members of your cohort. Before my Honors orientation, I was a little nervous to meet everyone, but I soon found out that everyone was super nice. Now a lot of my closest friends here are from my cohort. It’s a special bond that you probably won’t find anywhere else.

Q: What is one of your most significant experiences at E&H?

A: I would have to say Honors Orientation has been one of my most significant experiences at Emory & Henry. Spending those couple of days at Camp Lutherock were just amazing. It was really cool to go up there with my cohort as complete strangers and come back to campus as friends. It was an awesome way to start off my freshman year.

  • Robbie Goins