Kayla Claiborne

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Biology, French


Kayla Claiborne is a member of the Honors cohort of 2021 who is double majoring in Biology & French. Kayla will pursue a career in Wildlife Protection/Conservation after college and her ultimate goal is to travel the world, experiencing the lives of others, and along the way, making life a little easier for all those she encounters. Kayla is also a member of the E&H Equestrian Team.


Q: What is the Honors Program to you?

A: The Honors Program is a place to thrive. It’s a community of support, friendship, and laughter that connects each of us. Not only is it a place to freely think and learn, but also a place to socialize and connect with people you might not have necessarily gotten to connect with in other circumstances. The Honors Program allows me to be me, and that means everything.


Q: How would you describe the character of the Honors Program?

A: This program is here for you, truly. If there’s something you want, or need, this program will do anything and everything to make your dreams a reality. The people involved are generous and eager to help. You’re always graced with familiar faces guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  


Q: What advice would you give to First Year Honors Scholars?

A: Stay true to your heart. You’re not here solely because of your grades, perceived successes or failures. You’re here because someone saw the greatness in you. Don’t let a bad day, bad week, bad test, or bad interaction stop you from growing and learning. You’re stronger than any circumstance.


Q: What is one of your most significant experiences at E&H?

A: My trip to Piracicaba, Brazil this past summer allowed me to experience a culture different from my own. It showed me how different and the same all people are. Being immersed in a culture entirely unique from my own has broadened my horizons and filled my heart.

  • Kayla Claiborne
    Kayla Claiborne