Rachel Smoot

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Political Science, Economics, & History


Rachel Smoot is a member of the Honors cohort of 2019 who is triple majoring in Political Science, Economics, & History. After college, she intends to attend law school. She is also a member of the E&H Softball team, the Hermesian Literary Society, plays piccolo & flute for the E&H marching & concert bands respectively, and is a member of both  Phi Eta Sigma and Pi Sigma Alpha honor societies. Rachel is also a supplemental instructor for a first-year transitions class.


Q: What is the Honors Program to you?

A: The Honors Program has enriched my educational experience exponentially. In addition to pushing me, challenging me, and guiding me to become a better student, it has offered me numerous opportunities that I would not have otherwise experienced. I have loved the option of Honors housing because it provided me with a quiet and comfortable space. It also surrounded me with people from all different walks of life, career paths, and goals. This allowed us to not only push each other but to also lean on each other. The Honors program will push you academically and inspire you to grow as a person but will always give you a support system to fall back on.


Q: How would you describe the character of the Honors Program?

A: The Honors Program is an academic institution designed to enhance students’ educational experiences. It offers challenging classes, a generous stipend, and the opportunity to present research at prestigious conferences. The program guides and molds students into the best student they can be.


Q: What advice would you give to First Year Honors Scholars?

A: Enjoy every minute of your time in the Honors Program at Emory & Henry. Take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer. Apply to NCHC, it is an amazing conference and provides great academic and professional experience! Attend the Honors Homecoming Reception in the fall, it is a great chance to eat something that isn’t the caf and to meet some pretty awesome alumni.


Q: What is one of your most significant experiences at E&H?

A: The most significant experience of my career thus far at E&H was the NCHC Conference in Seattle my sophomore year. The National Collegiate Honors Council Conference is an amazing conference to attend and I was privileged to have my research accepted. I really enjoyed learning about other honors programs across the United States. In addition, the ability to discuss my research with all sorts of people was very enriching. As a result of the conference, my paper was published by an undergraduate research journal. Since then, I have attended the conference in Atlanta and will be attending the conference this fall in Boston. I highly recommend that everyone applies to present at NCHC!

  • Rachel Smoot
    Rachel Smoot