Eliza Widener Slate

Class of 2007 Written by Beth Funkhouser

Patient-centered care is the heart of the athletic training. Every case is unique, every patient has individual goals and challenges and athletic trainers are ideal at organizing the care team to coordinate the best outcomes for the patient. So, it seems only natural to bring the patient-focused care of athletic trainers from the athletic settings and to the larger patient population.  Eliza  Slate has been a staple at Sideline Orthopedics and Sports Medicine in Blacksburg since day one. Something that is very special to her. 

“I started working for Sideline before the office was even complete and ready for our first day of seeing patients,” she explained. “I think it’s awesome to be able to say I’ve been here the entire time and been able to see how we have grown from our first day to now.” 

The team approach to care she is a part of in their relatively small practice is also an advantage as she and her coworkers really get to know their patients and are able to work fluidly together.“I honestly love my job! I have the most amazing coworkers who truly know the meaning of teamwork. We have fantastic providers who are great to work with as well.” 

Though you may see her on a traditional sideline from time to time, Eliza and Sideline demonstrate daily the broad skillset and capabilities of athletic trainers make them assets to patient care from the fields and courts to the clinics and operating rooms! 


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Extracurricular Activities:

Alpha Beta Chi

Athletic Training Student Organization

  • Eliza Widener Slate '07
    Eliza Widener Slate '07
    Sideline Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

 “I really like getting to meet new people and help patients recover and get back to their normal, everyday lives. We get to watch patients progress through their injuries and rehabilitation and ultimately recover and get back to their normal active lifestyles. We have great connections with our patients and it feels like a family environment, not just a job and work.”


BS- Athletic Training


Meadowview, VA


Sideline orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Blacksburg, VA