Student Grievances/Appeals

Emory & Henry College staff and faculty strive to provide each student with positive educational experiences. Even so, it is understandable that complaints will arise from time to time. To address and resolve concerns as quickly as possible, all students are encouraged to address complaints to the Department Chair/Program Director. If the complaint is about the Department Chair/Program Director, students should address the complaint to the Dean of the School of Health Sciences.

As long as the instructor is following program-specific policies and procedures – which, at a minimum, align with ARC-PA accreditation standards - the principle of academic freedom gives an instructor broad discretion in establishing goals for a course, the criteria by which student achievement is to be assessed, and mak­ing decisions about the student’s accomplishment according to those criteria. Thus, except in unusual circumstances, an instructor’s decision about a grade will not be overruled.



Student grievances regarding program policies/procedures and/or faculty/staff issues should be addressed to the Program Director and, if about the Program Director to the School of Health Sciences Dean.

MPAS students have the right to appeal some, but not all deceleration and dismissal decisions. If students elect to appeal a decision, they must abide by the following policies:

  • If a student chooses to appeal the decision - the Department Chair/Program Director informs students about all decisions regarding deceleration or dismissal - students must inform the Dean of the School of Health Sciences, Dr. Lou Fincher (, in writing no later than 24 hours from being informed of the decision, requesting that the appeal be addressed by the SHS Graduate Studies Committee (GSC).
  • The SHS Dean will determine if the GSC should be activated and notify the GSC Chairperson.
    • The Chair of the GSC will select a date for the committee to meet and inform the SHS Dean, the MPAS Program Director, and the student.
    • When activated by the SHS Dean, the GSC will meet within ten (10) business days to consider the appeal.
    • In considering the appeal, the GSC will review all relevant information and may select to interview all involved parties deemed relevant to the appeal.
    • Although not obligated, the student filing the appeal will have the opportunity to present their ‘case’ to the GSC.
    • Every attempt will be made to select a date and time that does not interfere with the student’s academic activities.
    • The student cannot request a different date or time for the meeting than that selected by the GSC.
    • The student cannot be represented or accompanied by anyone at the hearing, including, but not limited to legal counsel.
    • Under no circumstances is the student permitted to electronically record any part of the meeting.
    • The GSC will have three (3) business days from the date of the committee meeting to make its decision and notify the SHS Dean, the MPAS Program Director, and the student.
  • Depending on the issues leading to the deceleration or dismissal decision, and at the discretion of the Department Chair/Program Director and in consideration of recommendations from the Student Progressions Committee, students may or may not be permitted to continue in their academic studies pending the appeal decision.
    • If permitted to continue in their academic studies, the student is responsible for all tuition and college fees incurred while pending the completion of the appeals process, even if the appeal is not supported.
    • If the student is either not permitted or chooses not to continue in their academic studies pending the appeal process, and the appeal is supported, the student will either:
      • If in the didactic phase of the program, be automatically placed on deceleration.
      • If in the clinical phase of the program, be permitted to repeat the SCPE resulting in an automatic delay-of-graduation.
      • Regardless of the decelerating or delay of graduation, the student is responsible for all associated tuition and fees.