MPAS Program Goal Benchmarks and Outcome Data

Program Goal 1

Provide resources to support students in adapting to and managing the rigors inherent to PA education.

Benchmark: Score of 4 or 5 on Student Evaluation of Program and Student Exit Survey items pertaining to Goal.

Outcome: No data available until 08/2019

Program Goal 2

Provide a curriculum and experience promoting mastery of the skills and behaviors as an entry level Physician Assistant

Benchmark: Successful completion of end-of-program summative exams with a 80% or higher score by 80% or greater number of cohort students; and, successful completion of PANCE by equal or great number of cohort students to national average.

Outcome: No data available until 08/2019

Program Goal 3

Foster a collaborative approach to work effectively in interdisciplinary patient-centered health care teams

Benchmark: Score of 4 or 5 by 90% or more of students on all Preceptor Evaluation of SCPE Student, and on 1, 3, and 5 year Employer Survey items pertaining to team-based care  by 90% or greater number of cohort students (or, in the case of employer survey, by 98% or greater number of returned surveys).

Outcome: Data collected from the Preceptor of Evaluation of the Student’s Clinical Performance evaluations for the Class of 2019 (as of Fall 2018), evidences 97.22% of students obtained scores of 4 (consistently meets expectations; 23.61%) or 5 (consistently exceeds expectations; 73.61%) on exhibiting proficiency in team-based care.

Program Goal 4

Foster mindfulness based practices

Benchmark: 100% of matriculated students complete mindfulness training.

Outcome: All MPAS Program students complete mindfulness training in didactic-phase Behavioral Medicine/Psychiatry coursework

Program Goal 5

Promote and support student and faculty civic engagement opportunities.

Benchmark: 80% of students participate in service projects (e.g.  Volunteering with the Mel Leaman Free Clinic, Food Pantry, Project Crossroads, RAM Smyth County) during the program; 100% of principal and full-time faculty participate in service projects at least once every other year.

Outcome: For class of 2019, >80% of students participated in service projects with one of the following organizations: MLFC; Food Pantry; Project Crossroads; RAM Smyth County. Additionally, 100% of program principal and full-time faculty routinely participate in service projects with MLFC or Smyth County EMS in addition to other organizations.

Program Goal 6

Encourage and support student and faculty professional activities promoting the PA profession).

Benchmark: 50% of matriculated and graduated students participate in professional activities promoting the PA profession (e.g. white coats on call, community presentations, CME presentations, publishing articles or text material); 100% of faculty participate in service professional activities promoting the PA profession projects at least once every other year after the 3rd ARC-PA Site Visit.

Outcome: No data available until 08/2019