Bailey Williams

At E&H I didn’t plan on minoring in WGST, but after taking Women in Politics; Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality; and a few study abroad courses on gender from the University of Exeter, it became an obvious choice.

I majored in Political Science and found significant crossover between the issues discussed in my WGST classes and my PoliSci classes. With 2018 being hailed as the new “Year of the Woman” in politics, I have seen the combination of WGST and Political Science play out in real time. As an intern on Capitol Hill, I had a front row seat to history as I recently watched over 100 women be elected to the House of Representatives, 37% of them were women of color.

My educational background has given me the necessary context and appreciation for not only the significance of this event, but the significance that I had an opportunity to take part in it. As I prepare to hopefully work for one of these new, inspiring women leaders in Congress, I know that I have the knowledge and experience I gained from the WGST program to guide me forward.

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Political Science, Women and Gender Studies Minor