Emma Sturgill

Class of 2009

Emma Sturgill, PhD, graduated from the Emory & Henry College in 2009 with a degree in Biology. She continued her education at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, to study the activity of cytoskeletal proteins during cell division.  Upon obtaining her PhD in Cell Biology in 2014, Emma launched a biotechnology company, PurSolutions, LLC that specializes in protein manufacturing and self-assembling technologies. 

PurSolutions, LLC is a startup biotechnology company located in Nashville that works to harness cytoskeletal proteins for self-assembly innovations and advancements in research. They operate under the premise that nature has devised the most powerful and efficient mechanisms imaginable, and work at the intersection of biology and engineering to harness natural phenomena for synthetic applications. They work to supply premium quality cytoskeletal proteins as easily accessible reagents and harness the cytoskeleton for self-assembling materials and devices.

Emma describes her work this way: “The ‘cytoskeleton’ is the cell’s internal skeleton.  It is made of protein building blocks that constantly rearrange in order to allow the cell to move and have shape.  At PurSolutions, we purify the individual protein building blocks away from the rest of the cell so that researchers can study them in isolation.  Researchers use our protein products to better understand the life of the cell and what goes wrong during human disease.”

She says she owes her fascination for cell biology to Emory & Henry. “Learning that the cell, the most basic unit of life, has molecular transport highways, power plants, assembly lines, and information data banks opened my eyes to the dynamic, microscopic world that is the center of human health and disease.  The emphasis that E&H places on the liberal arts and community service further encouraged me to work at the intersection of multiple disciplines, including entrepreneurship and education.”

  • Emma Sturgill, E&H Class of 2009.
    Emma Sturgill, E&H Class of 2009.