Annie Kate Leinius

When Annie Kate arrived at Emory & Henry, it immediately felt like home to her. As a student with a learning disability, she was grateful the College could meet her learning needs. She is involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Rivers Way, which is a camp that provides team-centered activities and adventures for people of all abilities with an emphasis on special needs populations, the Republican Club, cross country, and the Encounter student worship group. Annie Kate believes the resources provided by the College have helped her to become a better advocate for herself. She chose to major in Civic Innovation because she has always understood the importance of serving others and being active and engaged in the community. Annie Kate enjoys the hands-on project work of the program and plans to use her degree for work in her own community with a goal of giving elder and disabled citizens a voice. This year, she is working with the Glade Spring Town Square Center for the Arts, which she feels allows individuals to share the power of their personal stories through art. Annie Kate has enjoyed the focus of the Civic Innovation program on being a dedicated citizen of a place and of using one’s story to help make the place better for all.

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Civic Innovation