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Senior Adventure Team member Kaelee Belletto especially enjoys sport climbing and whitewater kayaking, and makes time in her busy schedule to do some of both each week. Kaelee plans to start her career after graduation in Public Health. She has a wide range of campus involvements, from the college Honors Program, the Residence Life staff and Greek Life to being a member of the Calliopean Literary Society. Here are her thoughts on being part of the Adventure Team:


Q: How would you describe the community of the Adventure Team?

The Adventure Team is an intentional community of individuals with the same interests in the outdoors that I have. It’s an awesome and encouraging group that allows members to push one another and utilize each person’s unique skill sets to help better one’s own. Having professional staff to further that growth is awesome.
Q: Has participating in adventure sports taught you anything about “real life?” Has it been a valuable part of your education?
Outdoor activity requires group involvement, and this naturally develops soft skills in teamwork and problem solving. However, commitment to an activity and maintaining the discipline and drive to continue improving is a vital part of progressing in adventure sports. Learning how to balance commitments and how to stay focused has been invaluable in my time here at Emory & Henry.
Q: Biggest achievements, favorite trips, greatest adventures?
Sea kayaking in the Florida Everglades for a week is one of the most significant trips I have been on for both the experience and the trip length. As for favorites, the overnight backpacking trip with the Women of the Wild group was awesome. Completing my NOLS WFR (Wilderness First Responder) was a big achievement for me personally as well because of the confidence that it inspired in me to take healthy risks and continue adventuring.

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