Layne Hubble

Junior Adventure Team member Layne Hubble is a member of the college Honors Program, the Hermesian Debate Society, the Climate Collaborative, Greek Life, and Phi Eta Sigma. She is a trip leader with the Outdoor Program and loves to backpack, boulder, kayak, and ski. 


Q: What kind of person would you recommend for the Adventure Team? What kind of qualities are valuable to you as part of this community?

I would recommend an individual who is comfortable taking leaps of faith. As a community, the Adventure Team operates on a “challenge by choice” prerogative. However, internally, I have found my most memorable experiences when I challenge myself to take that extra step forward. In high school, I had no interest in outdoor sports, and yet, through this program I have learned to rock climb, boulder, kayak, raft, hike, backpack, canoe, and ski. If you can let go of hesitation and take the plunge, you’ll walk away with a myriad of skills you never knew you wanted.

Q: Who do you look up to in the world of adventure? What makes them cool?

Definitely Mother Nature. Without her, the world of outdoor adventure wouldn’t exist. No matter how much we paddle, hike, or climb, she can shake things up just as quickly— it keeps everyone on their toes.

Q: What are you looking forward to in the rest of your Adventure Team career? What are your big goals?

Welcoming in the new members. I look forward to sharing my memories from when I was a freshmen with each incoming class. That way I can give them a glimpse at the legacy they are continuing as they progress during their years here.

Q: In another world, what mythical creature would you be and why?

Fabulous question. I would be a dragon. A Smaug-Drogon-esque dragon, with some Hungarian Horn-tail mixed in. My scales would be impenetrable (yes, even more so than Smaug— no chink in my armor!). I would guard a mound of shiny treasure and sleep all toasty and warm in my cave of solitude.


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History & Political Science majors, Museum Studies minor.


Leesburg, VA
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Emory & Henry College