Greyson Peery

Freshman Adventure Team member Greyson Peery got to work becoming a climber as soon as she stepped on campus. She frequents the new climbing crag and gets out often to test her skills on real rock. Here’s what she thinks of the Adventure Team:


Q: What is is like to be a member of the Adventure Team?

To be a member of the Adventure Team is incredible. It has really help change me from being a person of being in my comfort zone to stepping out of my zone and trying new things. Even though I’m from this area I didn’t know of all the things around here to do outside. It has also shaped me into a more independent person and being able to make friends.

Q: How has the Adventure Team shaped your overall experience at E&H?

The overall experience has made me come out of being an introvert and into more of an extrovert. If I wasn’t a part of this team then the only thing I would be doing is going to classes and back home. This was a great way for me to make friends and get “connected” to the campus more.

Q: Proudest achievements, favorite trips, biggest adventures?

My favorite trips were the climbing trip to Red River Gorge and the ski trip to Sugar Mountain. My proudest achievement would be seeing how well I’m doing in climbing. I’ve never done that before joining the adventure team. It is something that I never thought I would enjoy.

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