Noah Dean

Junior Adventure Team member Noah Dean is an avid fisherman who is using his time on the Adventure Team to prepare for a job in fisheries management or guiding fishing trips. He credits his experience with whitewater kayaking with the Outdoor Program for introducing him to risk management on the water, which will be useful to him as a coastal fishing guide. 


 Q: What kind of person would you recommend for the Adventure Team? What kind of qualities are valuable to you as part of this community?

I think anyone who loves the outdoors. Key qualities would be respect, integrity, and self reliance.


Q: What is your favorite local area for adventure?

Hidden Valley is my favorite. Not only is there a beautiful lake packed full of fish. There are many gnarly rocks to climb!


Q: What are you looking forward to in the rest of your Adventure Team career? What are your big goals?

Working on my rock climbing and kayaking skills. My big goal would to learn to play around in a play boat!


Q: Proudest achievements, favorite trips, biggest adventures?

Fishing in Canada yearly. I go to northern Ontario to the remote wilderness to fish. Places like this have rarely been touched by people. To fish there we must carry our boat motors and supplies for miles through thick backcountry. The sheer beauty of these places is bewildering. 


Q: In another world, what mythical creature would you be and why? 

I would be a sasquatch. Living all over the world playing the best darn game of hide and seek ever.


Class of:



Environmental Science


Marion, VA
  • Cooking over a stove on a backpacking trip.


Emory & Henry College