Scholarships for Transfers

Just by applying you will automatically be informed of all scholarships you are eligible for at Emory & Henry. Below you will find information on many of the various scholarships offered.

E&H Merit Scholarships 2021-2022:

Based on Academic Performance and Residential Status 

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Scholarship Resident: $21,000 Commuter: $13,000
Patrick Henry Scholarship

Resident: $19,000

Commuter: $11,000
Byars Scholarship Resident: $16,000 Commuter: $9,000
Ampersand Scholarship Resident: $14,000 Commuter: $7,000
Additional Transfer-Specific Awards
Virginia Community College Award From a Virginia Community College or Northeast State Community College $500
State-Funded, Two-Year Transfer Grant Must meet eligibility requirements  Up to $1000
E&H Performance & Affinity Scholarships 

Either one Performance or one Affinity Scholarship can be stacked with your Merit Scholarship. Each type of Performance and Affinity Scholarship have their own application and program requirements. You can find more information about these specific scholarships here.

Other E&H Scholarships, Grants, and More

Emory & Henry also offers other grants, including the Emory & Henry Access Grant and the Southwest Virginia Lift Initiative, as well as participating in State and Federal Programs. More information about these grants and programs can be found here.