Dr. Clarissa Tatum

Class of 2005

Clarissa Tatum was a chemistry major at Emory & Henry, and played tennis on the varsity team.

These days she is a research chemist at Eastman Chemical Company focusing on a polymeric fiber product used in a number of applications.  Aside from developing and optimizing product applications, she also oversees the product’s analytical testing lab and provides technical assistance to customers.

She serves as a representative on the E&H Alumni Board of Directors and is a volunteer for an alumni event called “E&H in the City” where alumni are invited to a happy hour event in order to meet other grads in their neighborhood. In 2018, more than 600 alumni participated in this all-volunteer-led event. 

  • Dr. Clarissa Tatum, E&H Class of 2005.

“The most important thing I got from my time at E&H was being taught how to learn.”

– Dr. Clarissa Tatum, E&H Class of 2005