Abriana Lawson

Abriana is working with Dr. Christine Fleet to study the effects of the plant regulatory hormone gibberellic acid on strawberry growth.  When asked why this project, Abriana notes, “It is important to know whether or not gibberellic acid treatment just encourages the growth of the shoot system of the plant as a whole, or if it can directly affect berry size. If so, those results could potentially be groundbreaking; not only agriculturally, but scientifically as well. Gibberellic acid treatment could potentially be incorporated directly into the strawberry market. Instead of going through the process of selectively breeding for a certain strawberry phenotype, it could be attained by a simple treatment of gibberellic acid.”

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  • strawberry fruit
    Abriana Lawson
  • Abriana Lawson is studying the effect of gibberellin growth hormone treatment on strawberry fruit production
    Abriana Lawson