Patrick Henry Society

The Society takes its name from Patrick Henry, patriot, orator of the American Revolution and Virginia’s first governor. The Patrick Henry Society is composed of donors who contributed $1,775 or more to Emory & Henry during fiscal year. The $1,775 honors the year Patrick Henry delivered his famous “Liberty or Death” speech.

President’s Circle-$25,000+
Gold Circle-$10,000-$24,999
Silver Circle-$5,000-$9,999
Bronze Circle-$2,500-$,4,999
Contributor’s Circle-$1,775-$2,499

Donors who give at this level will receive special invitations to events throughout the year, including to a College dinner held in the fall.

Patrick Henry Society Associates program (Young Alumni only)

Alumni who graduated within the past 15 years become Patrick Henry Society Associate members with a fiscal year gift of $118 times the number of years since their graduation date. For example, if you graduated one year ago you can be in the Patrick Henry Society for only $118. If you graduated 10 years ago, you can be in the PHS for only $1,180. To reach this giving level, young alumni can make monthly installments or a one-time gift.